Spring Cleaning ScheduleSpring is here and I’m soooo excited! I don’t know if it ever really wasn’t spring this year in New Orleans, but now the flowers are fragranced, new seedlings are popping up, and it’s time to get my spring cleaning schedule together.

The flies are back into action too and for me, that means one thing – CLEAN UP!

Spring also means that one of my favorite holy days is right around the corner – Passover, and that means – CLEAN UP! Lol!

This time of year I start getting that itch to clean, clean, clean but with three little people who want to “help” while we’re cleaning, a plan is essential!

My cleaning plan for Passover is spread out over a month. Yes, I said a month.

Spreading it out makes this HUGE once-a-year clean out easier to digest without getting overwhelmed. If I go at it without a plan I’ll be juiced up for a day and a half, then quickly lose steam because there’s just. so. MUCH! 

To top it off, we’re preparing for a move so we’ll be packing up as well. So yea, if y’all want to keep enjoying those Periscopes… ya girl needs a plan!

Here’s a quick breakdown of how my spring cleaning schedule looks this year.

Spring Cleaning Schedule:

  • Clean Cabinets & Closets – March 14,15,16 

March 14 – Clean Bedroom Closets

March 15 – Clean Kitchen & Laundry Room Cabinets

March 16 – Clean Fridge – Throw, Give, Pack

  • Clean Walls & Windows – March 17,19, 20

March 17 – Clean walls in rooms

March 19 – Clean Baseboards

March 20 – Clean Windows

  • Clean Floors – March 22, 23, 24

March 22 – Clean Upstairs carpets

March 23 – Clean Downstairs carpets

March 24 – Clean Bathroom & Kitchen floors

How do you make spring cleaning easier and more effective?


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Spring Cleaning Schedule

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