How many times have you guilted yourself out of girls night out? What about taking a few indulgent hours of me-time in the middle of the week?


I know I’m not the only mom who has gone to the mall determined to shop for just me and ended up leaving with bags from every kid store, and none of my own favorite stores.

But hey, self-sacrifice is a part of the job. Right? 

There must be an award for being the most worn out, stressed out, tired mother on the block (with the “happiest” baby on the block), isn’t there?

For every “Women are exhausted because…” headline I see, I immediately think of all of the mom groups I’m a part of where it almost feels like a competition in the who-can-get-the-least-me-time olympics. Overwhelmed mamas are ripping at the seams trying to hold it all together and nobody – I mean nobody – is telling us that things can be different. Better yet, they should be different.


It’s true, there is no job more full-time than that of being a mother. Especially a mother to multiple kids. Factor in the moms who choose to stay home, homeschool, run businesses, and more – and you’re talking about one woman working the equivalent of 3-5 full time jobs.

I know this space all too well. I’ve spent the last 6 years engulfed in full time stay-at-home-motherhood. The first two of those years were full of me overgiving, overcommitting, and overextending myself in an effort to be everything to everyone. 

At first, I thought I was just doing my job. I thought “that’s just what moms do.”

Most of us fall into the same trap. Giving the absolute most until our cup is bare and dry and wondering why we feel so empty.

I narrowly escaped that narrative with my wits about me so, realize that while what I’m about to say may gather your life up a little bit, it’s needed.

Not just for mothers, but for many high-functioning women who put themselves on the very back burner. I’m looking at you who keeps rescheduling (or completely cancelling) your coaching/nail/gym appointment…


Yes, I said running. SOmething you probably don’t think you’re doing, but most likely you are.

You see, me-time creates quiet space. Long spaces of solitude that many women don’t want to endure. It can feel too much like lonely…or lazy.


I had a conversation with my business coach once where she said something that totally shocked me. She said that some people are using “hustle” as a distraction from the real work. Hustle has a template. It’s controllable. However, emotional healing, relationship restoration, spiritual growth – there’s no template for those things and sometimes, trying to tackle them can be intimidating.

So, are you running from me-time and the “void” that it can create? Are you coparing your productivity to other women around you and giving yourself less grace because of it?

We’re getting down to the root of restoring the feminine connection to ease, grace, and accomplishment without overwhelm in the Mending the Mother Wound Masterclass. 

As women, we deserve to recharge. As mothers, co-creators, incubators, nurturers…and everything in between, we deserve to take all of the hats off for a moment with zero guilt so that we can have more to give and more room to receive. If thinking of throwing your cares to the wind for a while makes you anxious – you’re not alone. There is space for you in the circle of women changing the narrative from exhausted to exhilarated. And you fill that space by saying YES to you.

I dare you!



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