self care

I know, crazy right? But hear me out.


6 years ago when I went from one child to two, I was stressed out and overwhelmed. Have you ever gotten everything you prayed for and it doesn’t fee l like you thought it would? But, you paint on a smile and try to be grateful?

That was me.

Daily, I was growing to resent what I’d wanted all along so I knew that it was time to do something different. I was pouring from an empty cup and I needed to be filled.

The thing was, my children were young, my husband was working all the time and we didn’t have sitters.

Fast forward 4 more years and here I am STILL raising young children (babygirl is 10 weeks old), grateful for a part time nanny, and running a busy business from home.

If I hadn’t found a way to incorporate self-care on a regular basis, I’d probably be a bald-headed scalawag, and my permanent uniform would be a house coat, busted slippers, and dark circles.

So how did I make self care a regular practice WITH 4 little children in tow? 

I learned to include my children in my self care rather than trying to make every self care moment a solo effort.

But what does that even mean?

I’ve learned that self care for me needs to include laughter, play, and tapping into my inner child. It’s something that we don’t really think about as adults – the time we need to play. But it’s important.

The more I’m learning to play again, the more free I feel, the more relaxed and rejuvenated I feel, and the closer I get to the little people who depend on me to teach them what healthy relationships are.

If we’re talking about living well and being well loved, no one loves you more than a child – especially a child that feels loved and appreciated. That can be hard to accomplish when you’re burned out and stressing. 

self care

So, even though I love taking private self care moments away from the kids – and I commit to at least 90 minutes per week of private time – I also love doing things that include my children and my own inner child.

One of our favorite things to do as family self care is to visit the Knock Knock Children’s Museum. It’s about an hour out of New Orleans in Baton Rouge, La. and it is one of the best children’s museums we’ve ever been to.

What I really love about Knock Knock is that there are tons of volunteers so I don’t have to feel like a hawk watching over my babies. The play areas are just big enough to stretch out and enjoy without being so big that the children are out of the range of my “mom voice”. 

self care

Another thing that makes me feel super relaxed is to see my husband at play. You know how men are, super serious, always in “dad mode”…well, at Knock Knock, even hubs gets to take a load off and just play with his boys. There are so many learning activities that really don’t feel like learning and we LOVE to stop in and check out the monthly artist-in-residence. 

I’m extra excited to be celebrating the museum turning 1 year old this month and I’m inviting other mamas to come out and get some self care through PLAY with me and the fam-bam on August 26. The whole week will be full of awesomeness, but Sunday is the BIG Backyard party and I’m excited to get a chance to let my hair down (or my curls out) again!

self care

Have you learned to include your kids in your self-care routine?

Hop in the comments and share how you do it!


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