Good Girlfriends

Whatever happened to calling on your girlfriend and having hour-long girl talk sessions to celebrate your wins and rethink your losses?

The advent of social media built an illusionary bridge between watching what we’re doing and knowing how we’re doing. 

There was a time when we knew our good friends’ innermost secrets and we trusted them enough to share our own. 

We had a soundboard for our fears, and encouragement when we needed to be talked down off the ledge. 

Isn’t it strange that we’re more “connected” now but have so much less connection? 

It’s awesome to have a great man and family, and when your man and family make you wanna holler – it’s a heaven-sent gift to have a girlfriend you can trust to confide in. Good Girlfriends

Relishing in your friend-ness, draws more friends in. In a day and age when  building social and economic wealth is so paramount, having valuable sister queens is an absolute gold mine. 

Queendom University would not be a thing if it weren’t for the Queens in my circle. If it weren’t for all of you queens in my digital tribe, constantly encouraging me and offering up your help.

We have the skills to help each other grow and become so much more.

Our sisterhood is a gift to be cherished, cultivated, and carefully kept.  Good Girlfriends

No, every sisterhood doesn’t hold the same value nor purpose in your life but most will find a comfortable place and also hold space for you to be more of yourself.

If you want to get serious about building a powerful network of sisters, then Queendom University is perfect for you. Enroll to become a part of a growing group of women on a mission to be amazing.

What do you value about your sister queens? 

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