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I’ve had a lot more time to read these days.

I can’t say that the time wasn’t there before – we’ve been living a time-rich lifestyle for over 5 years now – so I guess, it’s my mindset that’s changed.

Like most women I know, quarantine has caused me to pause the parts of my day-to-day life that proved themselves non-essential. Things like running endless errands, extra long lunch meetings, and spending hours in traffic have had to move over to accommodate a slower, more easy pace of life.

I might be speaking for myself when I say, I’ve been loving it.


Being home, with literally nowhere else to be, has opened up spaces of time to pray, plan, and process everything that’s happening in our world, and the world. It’s also given me ample time for my absolute favorite indulgence – reading a good book.

I have always loved the thrill of opening a new book, feeling the crisp turn of the pages, and the scent – fresh yet comforting. I love it so.

Books also give us another thing – a means to grow our minds, hearts, and spirits without pressure. If when quarantine began you decided that you would come out of quarantine better than you went in, but some days your energy levels and motivation have been better that others – then picking up a book that helps you go deeper and grow higher with no pressure is a gift.

My Quarantine Book List

  1. ‘What to Say When You Talk to Yourself’ by: Shad Helmstetter

If you’re interested in practical tools to enhance your inner dialogue, reading this book will give you exactly what you’re looking for. I read this book yearly. If you find that you often talk yourself out of what you really want, are highly critical in your mind, or you deal with self-sabotage – this book will change your life.

It’s on the required reading list in Feminine Success® School for a reason.

2. Sacred Pampering Principles’ by: Debrina Jackson-Gandy

Subtitled as “an African American woman’s guide to self care and inner renewal”, this book is exactly the guide to walk you through understanding that bliss is your birthright and you owe it to yourself to choose ease.

I’ve owned this book for over 10 years now and still go back to it again and again to be reminded of the power and principles of self care.

If you want to come out of quarantine rested, give this book a quiet weekend of your time.

3. The Feminine Success Book’ by: Yahya Smith aka ME

From giving yourself grace to m making men your allies you’ll be guided through personal stories, valuable lessons, and sage advice to to support your living well from the inside out.

Filled with thoughtful worksheets, expect to spend some time with yourself and diving deep into your thoughts with this selection. It is more than a book, for sure. It’s an interactive guide book and visual reminder of how to create success on. your own terms.

4. ‘The Body Keeps Score’ by: Bessel Van Der Kolk

How you live in your skin has been informed by a lifetime of experiences, from the triumphant to the traumatic. In this book, the author shares years of research and perspective on how our bodies process trauma and how to make the way smoother.

Healing is a journey.

Van Der Kolk helps you discover how to navigate that journey with love and compassion and practical tools for “letting go of what no longer serves you”.

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list and I’m sure that I’ll be posting more of what I’m reading, watching, and listening to as the weeks go on. Hold me to that by commenting what you’re reading to fill your cup and grow your life.




What books are you reading currently?

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