I’m not shy about the fact that gifting is my love language.

I literally get giddy when my husband says, ” I have a surprise on the way” – (because who isn’t ordering everything online these days) and I pester him until the surprise arrives.

For just a while I get to be that 10 year old girl again, waiting for all of the “wishes” on my list to come true.

In truth, I love both sides of gifting. I gain so much joy from choosing thoughtful gifts that communicate to my loved ones that I’m paying attention to what they like, want, and what will help them grow.

And, of course, I love to receive gifts. Getting the things that are on my grown-up wish list communicates to me that I’m seen, heard, and appreciated. Heavy on the “seen & heard”.

But I love gifting for another reason, too.

Being able to support small businesses, black owned businesses, and woman owned businesses has given me the opportunity to experience into hand-crafted, custom made, thoughtfully curated luxuries that I just can’t find in big box or even high-end department stores.

For the last decade or so, my family has been very intentional about shopping black owned businesses, and hiring black owned service providers as much as we possibly can. When you make it an intention, it’s not very hard to do.

It’s empowering to know that your spending choices can keep a person’s passion afloat. That my love for giving can keep a black owned business alive is the ultimate reward and more than enough reason to shop more, and give more.

As we’re closing in on the biggest gifting season of the year – ChrismaHanuKwanzaKkah (shout out to Rugrats, IYKYK) – and we’re collectively experiencing the unexpected series of events that is 2020, now is the perfect time to send a thoughtful little something to let the people you love know that even if you’re far apart, you’re still connected in thought, heart, and spirit.

But, maybe you’ve been so wrapped up in the waves of the year that you haven’t had time to really THINK of a gift that says, “I’m truly thinking about you”.

No worries. I gotchu.

I’ve been on a virtual shopping spree all year and I’m totally unapologetic about it. 😂 So I’ve tested out the good stuff, bought all the things, and chosen my favorite giftable finds to share with you.

Black Owned Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Brother Vellies Cloud Socks – $35

image via Brother Vellies

Meet your new best friend!

If I could live in a pair of socks – like, literally fold my whole body into a sock – it would be these. They are luxuriously thick, extra durable, and perfect for lounging around the house, or to pair with your favorite sneaker for a store run.

See, exhibit A:

I am, admittedly, not a sock person. I especially hate socks when I’m sleeping and I’m the lady you can bet on finding barefoot in the grass soaking up the southern sun –

––– that’s just my brand of femininity…

But these socks right here? Hands down favorite thing of 2020, and I’ve tried a lot of things. Ok?

They make a perfect gift for just about anyone because of the generous stretch and durability, plus the range of colors is unmatched.

5/5 would recommend Cloud Socks.

Click Here to grab a pair, or a few:

Phillip Ashley Chocolates – Build A Box $39 to $89

via Phillip Ashley Chocolates

“Every chocolate should tell a story”

…and I can promise you that each bite of a Phillip Ashley gourmet chocolate will tell you its story and sing you a lullaby.

Amiri and I have enjoyed many virtual tasting sessions with the Real Life Willy Wonka himself and the storytelling never disappoints.

His artfully crafted bonbons range from Browned Butter Bourbon Pecan to Carrot Cake in white chocolate, to French Bleu Cheese – surprisingly, one of his most requested.

–– A little backstory. Phillip recently hosted a private wine & chocolate inside of my mastermind community. ALL of our eyebrows raised when we heard bleu cheese, and then, we all wanted a second one!

Recently, the southern king of chocolate went live with a virtual Build-A-Box shopping experience that lets you customize your own 6, 12, or 24-count box of chocolates. (A bird with a word said that there’s a 48-count on the way.)

With over 31 flavors to build from, this box of chocolates is a gift of sensory adventure that will blow your loved one away.

I strongly recommend gifting a box to yourself as well!

You can build a box, or grab a gift card, here:
*Please Note: Vegan options are not available at this time.

KNC Beauty Emergency Lip Care Kit – $70

via KNC Beauty

On my first brunch outing post-quarantine, while wearing (read: smearing) my favorite shade of lipstick under my mask, my good girlfriend Tracey Wiley recommended KNC Beauty’s SupaBalm as her holy grail mask makeup go-to.

I immediately grabbed my phone and ordered 2 of the Rose balms, and a set of lip masks – then waited the 3-5 business days for my order to arrive.

Can I tell you that I was not disappointed?

The SupaBalm has become a staple in my purse and pre-makeup routine.

I love that the fragrance is light, the balm is thick and moisturizing, but not sticky or greasy.

The Lip kit makes a perfect gift all by itself, or, if you’re like me and love to create gift bundles, grab the SupaBalm, SupaScrub, and lip/eye masks individually to fill up your gift boxes.

Here’s the link to the kit:

Grace Eleyae Satin Lined Headwear – Prices Vary

via Grace Eleyae

It goes without saying that your edges and ends – those fine hairs that frame your face, and the end of each individual strand – must be protected at all costs.

Most curly girls learn from a young age that cotton dries our tresses something fierce and the best alternative is a satin bonnet, scarf, or pillow case.

But what about those days when you need to deep condition and there are errands to run?

If you’re anything like me and you couldn’t be dragged into the streets wearing a bonnet, and your friends and family are the same, then Grace Eleyae’s satin-lined caps, or “Slap Caps”, are exactly what you need.

A minimal and versatile solution for covering a bad hair day for a quick Zoom meeting, or wearing to bed for little ones who won’t keep a scarf tied on, Slap Caps are a perfect gift for everyone who wants to protect their crown of glory.

There are usually amazing sales during the holidays, and a ton of options from simple caps to boater hats, and more.

Click here to check out what’s in stock now. My Favorite Things, Your Favorite Things.

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