7 Things to #DiddyCrop Out of Your Life Today

Y’all!!! The #KingOfShade crown is resting squarely upon the head of Uncle Puff today! In case you missed it, Mr. Combs has the internet stirred up after cropping out the Jenner sisters in a photo packed with high achieving black men (50% of whom I admittedly cannot name), and boldly tagging #blackexcellence.


I laughed for a good 12 minutes after seeing it, and it got me to thinking – what other mediocrity should we be cropping out of our lives???


Well, in the spirit of Diddy, I came up with an excellent list of useless yet seemingly always-there scene stealers that need to go NOW – you’re very welcome.


7 Things to #DiddyCrop Out of Your Life

    1. Naysayers – Everyone has them, no one needs them. You know the ones. No matter how great your idea, how positive your feedback, or how brilliant your business model – they always have a reason why it won’t work, it’s not good, or no one will care. Eliminate Negative Nancy and Petty Paul with the quickness. Those types of people have given up on their biggest dreams and would love nothing more than to have some company in their misery. Don’t let it be you.


  • Frienemies – Listen, there’s nothing cute about having a bunch of snakes around you. The idea is to be able to spot a snake in the grass, not turn it into your pet. In the day of social media, we tend to keep “haters” around just to say we have them. How about you crop them right out of your life so you can see your lovers better.



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  • Laziness – I hope you didn’t think the whole post was about the “other folks” who need to be removed. You already knew I was going to circle this Bentley right back around DiddyCrop. LOL! Most of your goals aren’t killed by others, they’re shot in the foot because you “don’t feel like it”, or you’re “too tired”. The quickest way to crop out laziness is to consider the cost. What will your life look like in a year if you don’t get up and create it today?



  1. Ungratefulness – Blessings go where they’re appreciated. Make it a point to tell God that you’re grateful for what you have. There’s so much more out here for you if you can notice what you already have. DiddyCrop

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  1. Limiting Self Talk – My good friend always says “You’re an AfriCAN, not an AmeriCan’t”. I always laugh. So many people fail, not because they can’t but because they tell themselves they can’t. One thing I’ve learned is that you should never be the one to tell yourself “no”. There are enough obstacles, challenges, and naysayers out here to say no for you. You don’t be the one to say no to yourself. DiddyCrop



  • Pity Parties – When you know your time is limited, you watch the way you spend it. No one brings presents to a pity party, remember that. Spend your time crafting experiences that make you better, stronger, and wiser – and less time thinking of what’s not going “right”.



[bctt tweet=”Some people come to help you plant, others only want to pick your fruit.”




  • Moochers – Some people come to sow seeds, other’s only come to pick your fruit. Pay attention to the people who only come to take from you, never to give. They will leave you dry and empty if you let them. Keep company with those who are willing to help you till your soil, plant your seeds, and fertilize your garden. Those are the people worth keeping in your picture.



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