Have you noticed the new trend of choosing a word for your year instead of making resolutions?

I think it’s pretty cool and for the last few years I have been choosing a word, several words, or a phrase to kind of help me shape my actions going forward.


Another way to say it is intention

In 2017, I chose the word consistency. That means I had to consistently show up, even when I wasn’t “feeling it”. It was humbling to even admit to myself that I wasn’t being as consistent as I should’ve been in the first place. It was also freeing at the very same time.

Choosing a great intention will help you to stay in alignment with your vision when the path to get you there gets uncertain. It is a great way to keep yourself centered in your life and disciplined on your journey.

This year I chose a few words. I’ll share those in a minute.

Before I share which words I actually chose, I wanted to share with you how I chose them to help you with a framework for choosing your own words, or beefing up the ones you have by creating a phrase.


3 strategies for choosing your ‘word’

• Map out your vision for the woman you want to become.  How you get there is secondary to knowing where you’re going. Remember that. Your word is the vehicle that will drive you to your goals. Well, it’s one of the wheels on the vehicle, but you get my drift. 

Realize that your vision is what has to be clear as day in the front mirror if your word is going to be effective. With that being said, choose a word that has enough air and weight in it to carry you where you’re going. Words like consistency, delegation, stewardship, investment, and submission are weighty words that have enough lightness to not feel burdensome. 

Remember, your words have power.

• Add an action to your word. Think about the Strategies steps you need to take to realize your vision. Are they outward steps or inward steps? What type of investment is required? What kinds of experiences will you need to be exposed to? Is there some packing and unpacking to be done? 

Think about your vision and get clear on the process involved so that you can choose a word that can help you stay focused.

• Make it bigger with a phrase, or add complimentary words to give your word further context. I like to create full on declarations around my word to help give it a boost and a daily energy shout when I say it out loud.

Instead of using ‘consistency’, saying “I will show up consistently in my inner and outer work. Consistently positive, consistently valuable, consistently ready to receive!”

Doesn’t that have a lot more energy and life? It gives you permission to work and rest, and show up big in your service, while being served.


My word(s) for 2018

2018 feels like a ‘turning over a new life’ kind of year. It also feels like a year for restoration. I’m so excited to act on the vision and implement everything I learned in 2017.

I chose the word ‘expansion‘ first. I wanted to make sure that I chose a word that would stretch me outside of my comfort zone and cause me to reach. Once I chose expansion, I realized that I’d need to keep ‘consistency’ in maintenance mode until it becomes a fully set-in habit. This is an important point because moving from year to year doesn’t void your words from other years Strategies.

Finally, I chose ‘commitment‘ because I know myself. In order to sustain my expansion, I’ll have to be constantly reminded that I am committed to it. No quitting, no turning back Strategies.


So, how are you choosing your word this year?


Remember that the year starts in spring (naturally), so don’t feel pressed about picking a word right this second. You have about a month (at the time of this writing) to figure it out.



Love Yah




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