3 Keys to Moving Forward When You Feel  Stuck

I’m always listening. It’s how I keep up with what’s most important to the women and families we serve.

On elf the most talked about struggles amongst women is the feeling of being “stuck”.

Whether you feel stuck in your job, stuck in your marriage, or stuck in motherhood – women are feeling trapped inside their lives and the pull on their souls is urging them to move forward.

That, my dear, is called “calling”. It’s an insatiable force to make, do, or create something that will bring about change in a major way.

Many have it, but most  don’t ever answer their calling.

Have you ever had a pull on your soul and you convinced yourself to wait on it, pray about it, or simply put it on the back burner “until the time is right” – and then you end up feeling stuck?

I know what it’s like.. I’ve been stuck before – enough times to know that it’s never a good feeling; and getting unstuck can seem to take forever if you don’t have the help and strategy that you need.

Moving Forward

These 3 keys will help you get “unstuck” in any situation and gain the leverage you need to never get stuck in that same hole again.

3 Keys to Moving Forward When You Feel  Stuck 

  1. Observe your Surroundings

Have you ever seen a movie where someone is sinking in quicksand? They’re fighting against the situation until they take a look around and realize that there’s something right in front of them that will help them pull themselves out.

It may be an idea, a person, or a shift in your inner environment that is as simple as the flip of a switch and can change everything. Keep Moving

Make sure that when you feel stuck you take the time to look around and think creatively about what you already have that will help you to create some positive motion in your life.

  1. Make a Plan

You need a plan. PERIOD!  The most frustrating part of being stuck is not knowing which step to take next. You may have so many goals, ideas, and visions – and no clear strategy for getting it all done.

If that’s you, you need a Me in your life. I may be biased but I’m jussayin’…I was stuck until I found a “me” for me. lol!

I’ll be hosting a valuable Lifeclass next week, serving systems, strategies, and shifts to get you from stuck to success. You can save your seat here.

  1. Take Action CONSISTENTLY

One of the main reasons people fail is because they sit still and overthink their struggles, their plans, their business ideas – everything.

There’s really only one cure for being stuck – taking ACTION! That’s it.

The magic pill is action, but not just any action – consistent action. Having a clear plan and taking consistent steps toward that plan will get you unstuck, but are you willing to take action even when you don’t feel like it? Even when you’re tired? Even when you’ve taken steps and you don’t see the results yet?

That kind of action will get you unstuck and on a path to never fall into the same pit again.

What area of your life has you feeling stuck? 

Moving Forward

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