Natural Hair: My 3 Best Oils for Natural Hair

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DISCLAIMER: I’ve tried my dambdest not to become a natural hair blogger… I just wanna comb my hair and get it over with ?. Wash day is enough without me making a production of it. But since I’m ALWAYS asked about my hair regimen and what I use in it, I guess I can give a few tips here and there. Just don’t expect me to shift gears and become a product junkie, cuz it ain’t happ’n cap’n! I’m sharing my 3 best oils for natural hair, because all oils aren’t created equal.

So, full disclosure here, I’m not the coconut oil (for hair) lover that these social media streets is trying to peer pressure me into becoming. To be quite honest, it leaves my hair feeling dry, crunchy, and stringy. Make no mistake about it. 

Make no mistake about it. I will sing coconut oil’s praises for just about errrrrthing else. I use it for cooking, skin care, deo, oral care – you name it, I’ve probably put coconut oil on or in it. That’s why I know I can’t use it for my hair. I’ve tried, and tried, and tried. 

Since I can’t jump on that bandwagon, I’ve had the luxury of reaching outside the box to figure out which oils do work for me. I’ve listed my 3 best oils for natural hair. They may or may not be bae for you, and that’s OK. 

My Top 3 Best Oils for Natural Hair

  1. Avocado Oil

    Avocado oil is like the holy grail for my hair. Of course I had to list it first. It’s thick and luxurious and my hair is super thirsty. It’s almost creamy in it’s thickness yet, it doesn’t feel heavy on the hair. Avocado oil has a very high fat content, second only to jojoba oil. It’s full of nutrients and vitamins and essential fatty acids to protect your curls, especially your ends.

  2. Jojoba Oil

    If I could pick only one oil to always use for beauty, it’d be jojoba. I love it as a facial moisturizer and I love it even more or hair. it does cost a pretty penny since the demand for it has skyrocketed in recent years but you can still buy a little to add to your DIY products as well as your regular product purchases for an added boost of decadence. Jojoba oil is the most similar oil to your sebum – the natural oil  that your scalp and skin produces. It’s rich in vitamins B,C, and E and is also antibacterial. It can be used to treat dandruff and other scalp infections.

  3. Castor Oil

    Your edges will thank you for grabbing two bottles of castor oil the next time you’re at the beauty store. Make sure to get black castor oil. It is famous for helping to regrow hair, long and strong. Use castor oil at your roots or your ends for protective, and root stimulating qualities. Castor oil is a great addition to any DIY hair product or naatural hair care regimen. Bonus: Castor oil can be used to help reduce cramping. Totally off topic but I thought you should know. You can find out more about that benefit in this post.


Those are my top 3. I hope you get to try them out and fall in love like I did.

What are your favorite oils to pamper your curls?

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